About the Blog & Author

The Pass My Physical blog has been designed to answer the many questions that commercial drivers have regarding their DOT physical exam.  Furthermore, we will provide articles, videos and additional information to help keep drivers healthy, informed and on the road.  It is our goal to help streamline the DOT physical process for everyone!

The majority of the blog posts are written by Dr. David Thorpe, President and CEO of Pass My Physical.  Professionally, Dr. Thorpe is a DOT medical subject matter expert.  He worked on the development of the National Registry in 2005, and has written books on the subject that are currently being used by medical examiners around the country.  He is also a teacher who has taught other medical examiners an accredited course that is needed to prepare them to sit for the certification exam that they must pass in order to be listed on the National Registry.  He is considered an expert in the field.