Tips to Improve Driver CPAP Compliance!

With CPAP being the most common treatment prescribed for drivers, finding ways to improve compliance is not only important for their continued ability to drive a CMV, but is also essential for their health. Sleep Apnea, if left untreated it can cause not only symptoms such as daytime sleepiness and mental lethargy but it can lead to many additional health problems. Those who do not successfully manage their sleep apnea will increase their chance to develop or experience a number of medical conditions including…

MILITARY VETERANS & PTSD – How PTSD Can Effect Driving Commercially

With the shortage of drivers becoming critical within the trucking industry, motor carriers have increasingly looked to new sources of candidates to fill their fleets. One area that has increasingly become more popular is to look at veterans in their search to fill truck driver vacancies and to move freight. The facts are that Veteran CDL drivers typically have a significant advantage over the general population in filling this need. For example, a military veteran is going to meet the minimum age requirement when they leave the military to drive a truck. Additionally, much of the training that was developed in the military can help the driver succeed as a driver.


This procedure falls into a category of heart condition called “Ischemic Heart Disease”. This means that there is a lack or reduced blood supply to the heart. This will lead to symptoms of chest pain which typically be following exertion or exercise. This symptom is referred to as angina. Angina can typically be treated with medication, dietary change and exercise and does not always need a stent. If the symptoms become more severe, and/or include chest pain at rest, is called unstable angina.


What is different for truckers is that they are exposed to added stressors in life and are often driving alone, which make dealing with depression even more difficult. To add to the stress of trying to cope with one’s depression, a driver who suffers even a mild form of depression can have a delay in the medical certification. Therefore, staying on top of your depression and understanding how to manage it is essential in keeping you healthy and on the road! Remember – when you are not on the road, you are not making a living.